Sports Law services

This list contains all the Sports Law services that I provide for my clients:

Sports Law arbitration cases

  • Sports Law consultation and representation in disputes before the FIFA arbitration and judicial bodies (FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber, FIFA Players’ Status Committee, FIFA Disciplinary Committee) and representation before football arbitration and judicial bodies at Confederation level. Legal advice regarding enforcement of FIFA decisions.
  • Advising clients in all football-related Sports Law matters including – overdue payments, breach of contract, training compensation, solidarity mechanism, International Transfer Certificates (ITC), coach disputes, disputes involving intermediaries and match agents’ disputes.
  • Legal advice and representation in disputes before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for all kinds of sports – contractual disputes (including cases for unpaid agency/intermediary fees and employment-related cases), disciplinary proceedings and proceedings for potential anti-doping violations.
  • Consultation and representation in disputes before the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) and subsequent advice regarding enforcement of BAT awards.
  • Legal advice before the FIBA judicial bodies – consultation in letter of clearance disputes and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Advice and representation in disputes before the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball – the FIVB Tribunal, CEV and the NORCECA Volleyball Confederation.
  • Representation in legal disputes before the judicial bodies of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the UCI Arbitral Board.
  • Legal consultation for proceedings before the judicial bodies of International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and in ice hockey legal disputes before CAS.
  • Representation before the EHF Court of Handball and the EHF Court of Arbitration, recognized by the European Handball Federation.

Legal services about contracts and services performed using a subscription model

  • Drafting representation contracts between agents (intermediaries) and players.
  • Reviewing all sports contracts a client is about to enter into – employment contracts, transfer and loan agreements, intermediary and representation contracts. Suggesting new clauses in these contracts that will benefit the client. Subsequent consultation about the fulfillment of obligations under these contracts.
  • Providing football clubs with comprehensive legal representation regarding cases before all FIFA arbitration and judicial bodies and also before CAS. These legal services  could be performed on case-by-case basis or using a subscription model.
  • The main benefit of the subscription model is that for a fixed monthly fee the club secures my services for all disputes and cases arising during the term of the subscription – that includes all cases before FIFA, CAS and other football judicial bodies at Confederation level. In addition to that the subscription includes ongoing written consultation regarding the employment status and contractual stability of the club’s players and consultation about any disputes for violation of the club’s internal disciplinary rules committed by the players.